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5 Practical Filming Tips for Livestreaming on Facebook Live (Infographic) - Kathleen Holmlund - Digital Media Specialist

It was about time that I reactivated my blog and I have ebbf Geneva to thank for giving me that final push to get moving again. Last Friday at our regular ebbfGeneva meaningful breakfast conversations at Impact Hub Geneva, we decided to go live for the first time on the ebbf Facebook page. My previous TV production experience came in handy when it came to putting all together on the day.

All my gear for this event

While Facebook Live is very easy to use and anyone with a smartphone and a decent wifi or 4G connection can do it, it does help to have some additional accessories at hand when you are livestreaming an event. Without further ado, here are my main tips for using Facebook Live to stream an event:

A strong WIFI connection

Test the WIFI connection at the venue before publicising you will be livestreaming your event on Facebook Live. 4G could cut it but you never know so test the venue’s WIFI first and foremost.

Good Sound

The likelihood is that your smartphone’s microphone is not going to cut it in a large room with 20+ people. Invest in a good little plug-in mic for your phone. These can range from anywhere between $10 to $80 for a wired solution and much more if you go for wireless options.  I use the BOYA BY M1 Lavalier Microphone which retails at $19.90 and is a little gem of a mic. I came across it last year on a Youtube review by a BBC cameraman and I was sold. 

Use a tripod

You know that selfie stick that you make fun of? Well, it sure comes in handy for live streaming an event. You can screw on most selfie sticks to any tripod and hey presto, your video is steady! Of course, the better the tripod, the smoother you can span the room.  I just took off the clasp for the phone from my selfie stick and placed it on my little JOBY GorillaPod.

Have a laptop and headphones nearby

To see how your streaming is doing on your FB page, you will want to monitor it on your laptop and check the sound quality. This way you can also easily engage with viewers and respond quickly with a proper keyboard.

Have a phone battery pack or charger at hand

Needless to say using Facebook live for an extended period of time will use up that phone battery. Be sure to either have a phone battery pack at hand or position yourself close to a power source and connect your phone to your charger.  The easiest solution is to use a battery pack as then you don’t have to deal with additional wires and connections.