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Services - Kathleen Holmlund - Digital Media Specialist

Digital Media Strategy Development & Execution

Let’s get your brand and social initiative to shine brightly and authentically across the web

Developing a strong recognisable brand online is essential for the growth and credibility of your business in the digital age.  All of us want our brand to give out a feeling of trust with long-term success and satisfaction.


I will take you through a comprehensive step by step program to develop and execute your brands’s unique digital media strategy. By the end of this process, you can expect to see:

⇒ Fully optimised website and social media profiles that truly reflect and enhance your brand

⇒ Clear social media goals with a success measurement framework in place

⇒ A content publishing plan

⇒ Greater visibility of your brand on other social media profiles and media outlets

Crowdfunding Campaigns Strategy & Execution

Raise awareness and funding for your brand

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to gain visibility and funding for your brand. Until recently, financing a business or project involved asking a few people for big sums of money. Now, crowdfunding is turning this idea on its head, using the internet to help entrepreneurs and organisations gain funds from potential funders that each contribute a small amount.

I will take you through a comprehensive step by step program to develop and execute your crowdfunding campaign strategy.



Website Development

Let’s get your brand shining brightly across the web

Having your own website is imperative to build on your credibility and grow your business opportunities. We set up simple, affordable and attractive websites which will make your brand shine.  Here are some examples below.